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Examining Board

Sec. 1. The duties of the Examining Board shall be to examine all applicants for membership to determine their qualifications for the trade. They shall examine such qualifications as provided in Article XIX of the IBEW Constitution. This section shall not apply to apprentices as covered elsewhere in these bylaws.

Sec. 2. The Board shall meet at least once quarterly for the examination of applicants when there are applicants to be examined. The Board shall retain all records of examinations given for at least two (2) years.

Sec. 3. The Examiners shall furnish a report on the results of all examinations to the Executive Board and the Local Union.

Local unions are not required to have an Examining Board, and this article should be deleted if it is not absolutely necessary. The IBEW Constitution provides for the Executive Board to investigate applicants for membership. If no examinations are given by the local union in conjunction with applications for membership, there is no need for an Examining Board. When the local union decides an Examining Board is necessary, the three (3) sections in the Pattern are required.

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